Vlog: A Taste of Mazda

Tag along with Pedro co-founder, Nadine, as she attends a 6-course dinner by Chef Josh Boutwood, paired with our 4 beer styles - organized by Mazda Philippines.

Curious about the menu? Check out what Chef Josh prepared and paired perfectly with our beer. You might even get some beer pairing ideas of your own!

First Course: Humble Beginnings

Potato three ways.

paired with: Endless Summer Wheat Ale

Second Course: Hiroshima 3 Mountains

An avant-garde interpretation of the Okonomiyaki

paired with: Endless Summer Wheat Ale

Third Course: "Jinba ittai" The connection between horse & rider

Cured Salmon, Dill, Trout Roe

paired with: Procrastination Pale Ale

Fourth Course: "Kendo" As the sword strikes

Korubota pork, Beetroot, Ash

paired with: Elementary, English Ale

Fifth Course: Kodo Soul of Motion

Wagyu, Charred Onions, Wasabi, Pickles

Dessert: Future

Purin, Milk Pudding, Spun Sugar, Cryogenic Raspberries

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